Duroboat Activities


Nautical Trivia

Monthly, semi monthly or when we feel like it quizes will appear at this link.


Duroboat on Video  

Click to see Duroboats in action

One posted video shows construction and several Duroboat running.

Hippos and crocs and Perch.   Oh My!

The Africa video is of a Duroboat operated by Work Boats Uganda.  It is running on the Nile River near Murchison Falls.

Click for an aerial photo of the region this Duroboat was navigating.

Looks like fun.


Learn to Tie knots

This website makes it easy with fun annimations.  It

is courtesy of the   42nd Brighton (Saltdean) Scout Group, UK   click on the blue


Say it with Singal Flags

For those interested in the sailors life, or secret messages it is always fun to see how things can be said with traditional signal flags.   This is how you say Duroboat.   Go to this website if you want to compose your own message.    Make a card for your favorite sailor.  Send messages to friends.   Name your car  boat or seaside cottage.  It can be fun. Try it.

d u r o b o a t


Coloring book.

Hey Kids    The link above will take you to some fun pictures.  Copy them, print them and color them.  It's easy.  have fun.   If grandpa, grandma, mom or dad have a Duroboat these pictures can be the start of a great card for special days.   Maybe use them with the signal flags  messages for a very special work of art.


Boat Dogs

Have you ever noticed that most boat dealers and marinas have a loyal  4 legged friend that adds a touch of warmth to the whole operation.  Take a look at  the friendliest most  ADUROBLE    boat dogs in the world.


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