Between the building and selling of boats we hope to take a little time for reflection.      We will date entries and let the older ones move down the line.

March 2011  Over a year in Tennessee

Duroboat has been here for over a year now. Boat business is slow but we are building and having a little fun.  Toughest thing is getting boats back to Seattle but we are managing to get a few back there.  If you are this deep into our website you know we make vee bottom boats.  When you show them around here people say those are nice boats, so do you do duck boats?   We make have to start producing duck boats just for the local crowd.  The new lake in Carroll County was one of the reasons we chose this area.  It started filling early last summer and it is starting to look like a lake.   It is hard to find out much about the lake but I would guess about half its eventual 1100 acres is now underwater but it has a long way to go to get the total volume of water up to spillway level.   It is frustrating at least to me that the lake does not have a name yet.   Highlight of the recent months in Huntingdon is the remodel and reopening of the Court Theater.  A small town movie house that has been remodeled incredibly well.

July 2010  Gulf Oil Spill

Stiill wondering why no one has called us looking fo boats to help with the Gulf Oil Spill.  Seems like lots of small teams of oil collectors in low cost boats capable in big water might be an asset.


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___________  Feb 07

Are fuel prices turning you away from boating?  Some folks think power boating requires an expensive hard to launch boat, a massive SUV  and a home loan just to buy a weekend’s worth of fuel for the boat and tow car.  Not necessarily true.    Read On.


___________ Nov 06

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.  Teach him to fish and he may buy a Duroboat, which would be very good for us. --annonymous                 ( because it's too dumb to take credit for )

_________ Nov 06

The problem with managing a fishing boat company is that you never get to fish.

_________ Nov 06

A various places in this website there are references to Waupaca, Wisconsin,  you may think that a little unusual for a boat company based in Washington State.  This article North To Waupaca was written by one of us and first appeared in Lake Life magazine in 2005.  It might give you some insight in to why we like boats and water.