Duroboat Help

Watch this space for help on a variety of subject for now it is just where we hide the answers to quizzes from the activities page.

Answers to the Quizes

October 2007

1 Lake Washington an easy start for most Duroboaters            Washington State USA

2 Lake Victoria          Uganda,  Kenya  Tanzania

3 Lake George                 New York   USA

4 Lake Mead              Nevada   Arizona   USA

5 Lake Michigan        Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana,  Michigan   USA

6 Lake Pond Orielle     Idaho USA

7 Flathead Lake              Montana  USA

8 Lake of the Ozarks      Missouri USA

9 Lake Seminole               Georgia    Florida  USA

10 Lake Winnebago       Wisconsin  USA

11 Lake Texoma            Teaxs  Oklahoma  USA

12 Great Salt lake           Utah  USA

13 Lake Eyre                    Australia

14 Great Slave Lake        Northwest Territories  Canada

15 Lake Okeechobee     Florida  USA

16 Lake Champlain       New York Vermont USA Quebec Canada

17 Baikal                         Russia

18 Lake Okiboji            Iowa USA

19 Salton Sea                  California USA

20 Lake Wobegon         Fictional lake from the mind of Garrison Keeler

                                          3 pts if you guessed Minnesota USA



March 2007

  1. b. the Great Loop
  2. Cows give birth to calves. When a Glacier, calves off, it gives birth to an iceberg
  3. Canada,   Indonesia is 2nd.
  4. c)  if this area is rounded it is a soft chine, if angled a hard chine. Your Duroboat has a hard chine.
  5. b)
  6. a)
  7. c)
  8. d)
  9.  The ring is the volcanic ranges that circle the Pacific Ocean
  10.  Yellow, almost all Duroboats were yellow for many years. Now there are 4 standard colors  yellow, red, tesl and blue.  Blue is by far the best seller.


December 2006

1.  36 feet, a fathom is 6 ft.

2.  Yes if it a bench model no if it is a walkthrough.  The thwart is the cross seat on which a rower sits.

3.  Lake Victoria,  bordered by several central African counties it is also the headwater of the Nile River

4.   b  

5.  a

6.   the Atlantic Ocean              you will leave the Mediterranean Sea 

7.   yellow

8.  2

9.   d   none of the above it is a sailors song sung to pass the time at sea or while drinking.    some sea shanties

10.     a       red sky in the morning sailor take warning.  red sky at night sailors delight

scoring      1 point for each answer   7 is passing   10 and you probably have salt crusting behind your ears.


November 2006

1.Seven Seas may mean Several Seas   Which several depends on who you talk to. 

Check out these web sites for some historical thoughts.

         another list is at

2. a  left and right,     

3  a  stay on course with a compass on your binacle ,   

4. Chris never got there,    

5 The gunwale or sometime gunnel runs is the rail or surface that runs along the side of a vessel

6. C   Duroboats go plenty knots,  other boats knot so fast

7. The bilge is the lowest, interior part of a boats hull where old water and other nasty things collect.

8. An anchor light is white.  Ideally at the highest point on a boat.  The forward nav lights are red and green. Boats underway should have a red light visible from its port bow, a green light on the starboard bow and a white light at its stern. On small boats the Nav light and Anchor light may be the same.

9. a,   

10.  Ebb tide is the receding tide after high tide before low tide.   If you guessed it was when Uncle Ebb "tide one on" and didn't wake up until the waves reached him that is close enough give yourself a point.

Scoring the test.   One Duropoint for each answer.  10 is passing but you get 5 bonus points if you are thinking about buying a Duroboat and 9 bonus points for already having one.  If bonus points give you more than 10 total you may save them for use on future quizzes.   We are still negotiating with ST Peter to see how many Duropoints will be required to get a free pass through the pearly gates.  We suspect anyone actually arriving aboard a Duroboat will be waived on through.