Test your Knowledge

Watch this space for regular quizzes to test your knowledge of boats and boat related subjects. 

Answers and scoring to the most recent quiz will appear in the Help section of the Duroboat Experience.  We will periodically add new quizzes, most recent first but we will leave the old ones just because.



Quiiz 4                                         October 2007 

Where is that Lake?

These rather substantial lakes are scattered around the US, Canada and the world.  Name the state or province if in Canada or US  and the country if elsewhere.    Give yourself 5 points for each correct answer.

If a lake touches more than one state, province or country any one correct answer gets your points.

Many lakes are named after others so the older presumably more famous lake will be the correct answer.  Example  Genvea is Switzerland or France , not Wisconsin.

1     Lake Washington   an easy start for most Duroboaters

2    Lake Victoria

3    Lake George

4    Lake Mead

5    Lake Michigan

6    Lake Pond Orielle

7    Flathead lake

8    Lake of the Ozarks

9   Lake Seminole

10  Lake Winnebago

11 Lake Texoma

12 Great Salt lake

13 Lake Eyre

14  Great Slave lake

15 Lake Okeechobee

16 Lake Champlain        

17 Baikal                          

18 Lake Okiboji               

19  Salton Sea                  

20  Lake Wobegon         



Quiz 3                     March 2007       a bit overdue but finally here

1   Many boaters dream of circumnavigating the eastern portion of the US.  That trip is    known as  a) the Circuit    b) the Great Loop   c) the Cruise of Life  d)  Are We There Yet 

2.    What do a glacier and a cow have in common?

3.     What country has the most coastline?

4.    A chine is where  a) the mast meets the deck   b) the keel meets the transom c) the side of the hull meets the bottom d)  bouy meets gull.

 5.    A ship’s head is  a) the top of the mast  b) its toilet  c)the furthest reach of its bow d) the point from where the captain gives orders

 6.   When you have reached the “bitter end”  you are at  a) the last part of a rope  b) at the last island of an archipelago c) ready to turn round a cape d) waiting for your divorce papers to be final.

 7.A knot to measure speed is one nautical mile or  a) 1000 meters b) 5280 ft  c) 6076 ft 

d) 50 leagues

 8.  A sea cock is  a) the firing pin on a cannon  b) a rooster carried by English sailing ships to awaken the crew at daylight c) the highest ranking non-commissioned officer aboard  d) a valve or shut off in a fitting or plumbing line between ships interior and the sea.

 9.   The ring of fire surrounds what body of water?

 10.  What was Duroboat’s best selling color in 1985?


Quiz 2             December 2006

1.   If your anchor is at 6 fathoms how deep is it?

2.   Does your Duroboat have a thwart?

3.   Name the 2nd largest freshwater lake in the world.  Hint: answer is in the website

4.   If you are taking a sounding you are a) listening  for your spouse at the far end of a fogged over deck   b) measuring the depth of water below your    hull.  C) listening for the bell on a harbor bouy.  d)  tapping the boards on a ships hull to determine if they are weakened by rot.

5    To heave the flag out, is to.  A) unfurl it from a flag staff.  b) burn and throw overboard the flag of a captured vessel c) display the flag vertically with all 4 corners fastened down c) replace a flag of a neutral country with the flag of a combatant country when entering a battle.

6.  If you sail past the Rock of Gibraltar with the rock to your starboard side you will sail into what body of water.

7.   In Duroboat’s early years all Duroboats were what color.

8.   A sextant is a tool used to  1)  mend a torn sail,  2) navigate   3)  repair a compass  4) open a cask of rum.

9.   A Sailors Shanty is a) the sailors home while ashore  b) his most recently laundered under drawers   c) a sailors pack sack   d)  none of the above

10   Seafarers believe a red sky in the morning predicts  a) bad weather  b) good fishing c) landfall will be spotted before night  d) bad weather.


Quiz 1             November 2006

1. Name the seven seas.

2 If I am sitting at the helm of my Duroboat facing forward the Port and Starboard of my Boat are a) to my left and right respectively,     b) to my right and left.     c) in front of and behind me     d)  none of the above

3.A binnacle is,   a) the platform for a compass, b) sailors knot to hold an anchor

     c) a cocktail made with a splash of seawater. d) the best possible hand in a sailors card game.

4.  In what year did Christopher Columbus land on the coast of Florida?  

5   Where is the Gunwale of a boat?

6.  A knot can be tied in a rope but it is also        a) unit of measure for the depth of water,    b) a boater’s negative response to a question, as in ‘knot me”.  C) a measure of a vessels speed on water                 d) a hole in a boat designed to drain bilge water.

7.     What is a bilge anyway?

8.     A boats navigation and anchor lights are what colors?

9.       If a seaman has been shanghied he has.  a) been abducted to serve on a ship against his will  b) taken a double turn at the  watch  .c) met a lady of ill repute.  d) had his ship run aground off the coast of China.

10   Ebb tide is when ____________