1. Duroboat Design - Functional and Aesthetic. Built with Compound Curvature.
Why is COMPOUND CURVATURE good? All Duroboat models share the modified-V hull that is the optimum compromise between a seaworthy ride, and fuel efficiency. If you sight along the keel, side, or bottom panel of a Duroboat, observe that there are no flat surfaces or straight lines along the running surfaces. This "Compound curvature" is designed into the Duroboat hull, and serves several important purposes. First of all the compound curve strengthens the hull panel, secondly, the curved bottom surfaces of a Duroboat do not pound in choppy water as boats constructed with flat bottom panels may. The curvature of the Duroboat keel further softens wave impact. Thirdly, the curving lines and panels of a Duroboat are pleasing to look at. Even though compound curvature is more expensive to build, we think it is well worth it.

2. The Durojoint - Strong and Leak proof, an Aluminum Boat that doesn't Leak!
The patented "DUROJOINT" system of hull construction was invented in Australia in the late 1970's by a welded boat builder who sought an alternative to riveted thin-sheet boats. The problem was that the Southern Ocean tends to be rough much of the time, and boats welded or riveted of thin-sheet aluminum did not hold up. Welds cracked and rivets loosened and leaked. The Durojoint proved its effectiveness both in skiffs built for ocean use, but also in river boats that are raced up and down shallow and rocky Australian rivers. In 1984 Duroboat commenced production in the Seattle factory The secret of the Durojoint is that the compressive forces that shock the seams of an aluminum hull are dissipated along the continuous edge of the durojoint. Each seam in a Duroboat is protected from external incidental damage by the heavy duty aluminum extrusion. The sketch below shows a Durojoint chine and an early durojoint Keel. The modern keel ia actually a hollow extrusion with a bridge across the valley shown in the picture below. this gives the keel a double wall for even greater strength than the first Durojoint keel.

3. Performance, for Efficiency, Speed, and Comfort
The bottom of the Duroboat is smooth and free of fasteners. The hull is shaped so that there is a lot of volume and buoyancy forward of amidships. Because the Duroboat is lightweight with lots of planing surface and volume forward, the hull planes easily at relatively low speeds, and gets up on plane even when heavily loaded. The duroboat is most impressive when it is necessary to maintain planing speed (8kt to 12kt) in rough water conditions. It is under these conditions that inferior designs must either slow down and come off plane, or suffer a pounding to maintain planing speeds. At planing speeds the hard chine of the duroboat is mostly out of the water, and spray is knocked out away from the hull. Any stray water that does try to make it way up over the side of the Duroboat is deflected by the gunwale. The Duroboat gives the driest ride in choppy water of any boat in its class!

4. Safety
Each Duroboat is built so as to. exceed United States Coast Guard requirements for persons capacity, horse-power capacity, and flotation in the swamped condition. There is sufficient foam flotation billets in the seats and under floor in the Duroboat to keep a capacity load of motor, people, and gear afloat even if the hull is swamped. Because the Duroboat is a high-volume hull design, there is sufficient buoyancy in a normally floating hull to support five times the rated capacity. Duroboat sought and received certification of the 12FT Duroboat as an approved Rescue Boat under CFR 46-160.056 USCG. This certification takes into account performance features such as rowing performance, structural strength of the hull, and in-the-water stability.

5. Warranty,
We guaranty the structural integrity of the Duroboat hull seam for TEN Years. Click here for the full text of the Duroboat Limited Warranty. Duroboat can not be the cheapest aluminum boat on the market, but if the features of the Duroboat matter to you, Duroboat is the Best Value!