International Opportunities


Duroboat - An International Choice

Duroboat seeks quality international boat distributors and dealers.

Are you ready to offer your customers a superior, high performance, low weight and very attractive, aluminum boat?

Duroboat has shipped boats to many international destinations including; the Bahamas, Borneo, Botswana, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Russia , , Uganda, ,  and other countries and regions.  

Duroboat is able to nest hulls. This allows many boats to ship in the space of one. They are light weight so many boats can easily be shipped in a single container. Assembly at destination is possible using basic shop skills and common hand tools. Assembly takes 1 to 3 hours each for basic boats depending on the size of the boat.  Walk Through models and Sixteen footers with splash wells take a little longer.

It is cost effective to ship 15 to 40 boats in a single container.

We work with you to make the introduction of Duroboat into your market a success.


Disaster relief and rescue? Government, NGO, industrial Agencies click here.    Self contained "boat factories in a box" , with motors, and assembly tools are available for deployment to disaster areas or remote work locations.

Easy Assembly

Finishing includes installing seats, handles, bow handle, and L brackets from seat to tube stiffeners, also float boards. The Package for each boat is labeled and the sequence for drilling and bolting is explained in the directions. No special tools requires.  Rapid response using e-mail allows us to guide you through any problems.



Contact information:
8505 Hwy 22

Huntingdon TN



Phone: 1 731 986 2524
Contact: International Sales Manager
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International photos follow:.  Also see the travel section of the Duroboat Experience.

A festive display of a Duroboats on sale in Kuwait.

Container arrives in Uganda


Duroboats  going to work on their first day at the Nam Theun River dam project in Laos. June 2008