Yacht Tenders / Dinghies


You may call them tenders, yacht tenders, dinghies, launches or dinks but by any name Duroboats make excellent service boats for larger vessels.

A Duroboat will look very smart at on the deck or transom of your yacht. When room is scarce a Duroboat is an easy tow along for sail or powerboats.

10T         List Price for 2010 model year is $2400     Plus Power

10 ft. Length, Width  62 in., less than 150 lbs.

Rated for 10HP and 3 Persons

Added features: Yacht White paint, deluxe floorboards system, front bow shelf and four stainless handrails.

The advantages that make Duroboat a good tender include.

  • A light weight hull, easy to lift onto a boat or drag onto a beach.
  • A rugged hull for beaching.
  • Significantly more interior room than comparable inflatable.
  • Ship like lines that compliment any yacht.
  • Performance with low acquisition cost.
  • Performance with low fuel burn.

When you hear Elvis sing "....love me tender. .." it will make you think of your new Duroboat dinghy?

The photos that follow include a variety of Duroboats used with or in support of larger vessels.   Dozens of photos coming  keep scrolling!

Interested in Electrics?

We have had good reports of performance in our 10T with electric trolling motors and recently tested a 10T with a Torqeedo 801   This is a 2HP equivalent motor that utilizes a self contained lithium battery head.  The whole unit fits in a gym bag size travel case.  Our 10T made 5.3MPH with this motor and was fun to operate.  Searching Google video for Duroboat will show you the performance.


Michele, Dylan and Enza (the dog)  enjoy summer fun at Miles Inlet along central coast of British Columbia.   When the big boat is at anchor the Duroboat is great for getting to the rocky beaches and shoreline  as well as exploring the islands and coves.   Dylan loves to go fast in "Little Boat".



A Duroboat blue 12L, on deck and ready.

Jonathan's  12L  "Bad Dog" on the transom of Dream Lover

Nice transom lift for bad Dog


A 10T serving Muscoota, a ferro cement trawler that belongs to Captain Mike Mallet, a Seaman and Aviator you can trust with your dog.


A 12L on deck.


A working man's yacht.


12L on Fred's Cheshire Too. Note the RIB was replaced as the Duroboat was promoted from it's temporary spot ont the transom up top to the deck.


Spotted At the Hiram Chittendon Locks, Seattle WA

Locking Thru.


10YT Bow and Stern.


12 L as Tender.


From Seattle's Opening Day Parade.


A Custom 12L designed as an option for American Tug.


Twin 16W used as fishing skiffs aboard the luxury Alaska charter boat

Nauti - Buoy


Len Nero's  Joss


Sam Craft's Jolly Ole Shakey Marina,  Moss Point, Mississippi.

 Sam is an avid sailor who uses his  72 ft schooner "Jolly Fisherman" in battle re-creations.  Don't mess with Sam he keeps a cannon on Deck. 

Sam bought a whole bunch of Duroboats to replace "Dinks" lost in the Hurricane

When dink delivery day came the Pascagoula River had again flooded Sam's place.  The Duro Dinks were pushed off the trailer and bobbed happily around until the river receded. Jolly Ole Shakey Marina will soon sport a fancy new eatery, built on stilts to keep the customers feet dry.  Take a look at Sam's web site  http://www.jollyfisherman.net

The custom 12L Sam bought for his friend Ann.   A 10T floats in the background.


A few other tender and dinghy pics are scattered elsewhere in the Duroboat Experience gallery.