Prototypes: electrics, duck boats and jets

Our Tennessee Torpedo or is that Torqeedo?

Our first attempt at powder coat used a different color for fun.   Here we have a bright Tennessee Volunteer orange.  Note the torqeedo Electric Motor.  We are now looking to do a special electric prototype very soon     Visit soon for more  on electric Duroboats.


Little 10 ft Duck.  Short and stout.

When you show off your boats to folks in Tennessee they are appreciative of the nautical design and good looks of a Duroboat and they think the colors are pretty.  Then the next thing they say is  " So you guys do Duck Boats?,"   Usually we have to say, " when someone wants a duck boat they do it themselves or we need to custom paint."    We'll now we have one 10 ft  Duck Boat based on our 10 yacht tender but it has a full body powder coat federal green finish.    When we get around to it we may have to merge the color of this little fellow with the size of the river boat  that follows the little duck.

River Boats & Jets

Duroboat has been experimenting with hulls that are designed to utilize outboard jets or pumps.  These hulls are flatter bottoms with a dead rise of only about 6 degrees.  Our goal would be to provide a low cost but tough boat for the person who wants to get up river but does not necessarily want to buy a boat in the same price range as a Mercedes Benz. This boat will use low horsepower pumps in the 30 to 50 HP range. A few photos follow.


We are not yet in production on a river boat yet but If this type of boat appeals to you let us or your nearest Duroboat dealer know. 

These pictures  show the prototype river jet Duroboat with a 50 HP Honda pump.

Prototype boats around here have to do double duty.  This one serves as a special events bandstand, used it on land and sea to present The Bobbers.

It is shown below being towed in the Seattle yacht clubs Opening Day Parade.