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New Dealer in Wisconsin  is Mr. Marine in Fond du Lac

Latest delivery and sales trip through Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa has resulted in one new recruit so far.  Residents in the Fox Valley area can now head to Mr marine to see Duroboat.

Mark one of the partners there has made a decision to market Duroboat.  Mark has a long time love affair with boating that includes a hisotry with go fast off shore boats.


Tsunami in Japan, Aluminum Boats, Rescue, Relief and Duroboat   Japan is a developed country and our idea for releif using staged quantities of Duroboat may have had limited application there but after several years of promoting this idea another Tsunami has hit and no major organization has picked up on this potential. There will likely be more tsunamis in the future. Can you help? if you are interested in a creative way to prepare for aid after a tsunami click here.

Duroboat Has Arrived in Tennessee

(quick update) everything is now running in Tennessee.

We have closed our Washington State facility and moved to a larger more modern facility in Huntingdon Tennessee.   Duroboat's new home is on 8 acres. It consists of a relatively new 10,000 square ft building and a second 5,000 ft building that is in need of repair but useful.

After 26 years in Washington State we felt we had to move for a few reasons.    We will be on a distribution corridor that gives us access to 200 milion people in approximately the same drive time as we could access 12 to 15 million in the Northwest.  For a niche product the access to more population and more boat dealers will be very helpful.


Over the years we have built more than 10,000 boats.  Most of those are still in the waters of the northwest.  We will do our best to provide support to our Northwest boat owners and to our Northwest dealers.

It will take a little time to rebuild our business after the effects of an economy that has been particularly difficult for boat builders.  Please bear with us.

More Info follows

You have reached the current events portion of our website.  This and the Duroboat Experience are the places to go for the latest and most fun info we can find for Duroboat Enthusiasts.

Link to the record of the SiBBS,Duroboat Great Loop



link to Duroboat web video posted by us and others


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Great Loop Duroboat Adventure.

Small Boat, Big Summer  expedition.    The adventure is complete and the trip recorded in detail at  . The boat was towed cross country to Chicago and Launched at Diversey Harbor.

Imagine  two young ladies taking a 16 ft Duroboat on a 6000 mile, trip of a lifetime, around America's Great Loop. 


Learn More Click here.   

First pic of the trip from onboard the Great Loop SiBBs Duroboat

The Magnificent City of Chicago


See  How They Run, see how they are made.

video Link  Videos are posted at Google and some at You Tube by Duroboat.   The SiBBS videos are posted at Google and You Tube with some of the best at  We have noticed some Duroboat videos are now being posted by customers.  That is great. We encourage you to do that but please stay safe. If you are smart enough to own a Duroboat you won't want to spoil that impression by doing something dopey.


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Don't let gas prices ruin your boating.  Duroboats tow easy and barely sip gas. Go Green in a Duroboat

May 2011

Getting ready for a fresh load of boats heading for Small Boat Exchange.   SBX is one of Duroboat very longest loyal dealers.

April 2011

Check out the latest arrivals at Johnsen's in Pascagoula.

April 2011 

More fresh Duroboats to the Northwest

Yeagers in Bellingham has restocked their boats and additional boats were dropped off at Port Angeles and Poulsbo.


Nov 2010

Fresh Duroboats to the Northwest

Duroboat is now preparing is first shipment of boats back to the Northwest.  For those of you who have been awaiting an opportunity to see new Duroboats  you will be glad to know that before Christmas of 2010 fresh boats will be in Port Angeles, Poulsbo and Olympia,  possibly a few other sites.

Sep 2010

Duroboat has shipped 37 boats to Chile.  Since being in Tennessee we have begun powder coating some boats with good results.

Summer 2010

Duroboat on TV  For those of you who are fans of the River Monsters Fishing show that runs on cable TV pay special attention to the segment on fishing for Nile perch on the Nile River  in Uganda, Africa.   You need to watch close to see that the boat they use for about half the episode is a 16 ft Duroboat.   At least 2 sharp eyed Duroboat owners have also observed this and let us know we were in the show.

April O9

Big news for Salmon fishing .     Large catch allocations are planned for this years fishing season.  It will be a great summer of salmon fishing in Oregon and Washington.  More than one million Columbia Coho are expected this year.  the most since 2001. Large number of pink salmon (5.1 Million) are expectred in Puget Sound streams.   Search  "North of Falcon" for more details.

Get your Duroboat ready now.  Need a Duroboat?  Call a dealer today.


September 08

Duroboat's International marketing takes two more steps forward

The first Duroboats have been shipped to Eco-Sports in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  Link to their website from our dealer page. 

In Russia the Duroboat is branded Quickline.  Quickline reports they have completed their first boat show on a beautiful late summer day and have begun recruiting dealers to sell Quickline.   From our dealers page you can link to their new Russian language sales brochure.  Shown below: The Q 450  is the designation for a 4.5 meter boat.  For the metricly challenged that is a 15 footer.

August 08

Work Boat Uganda supplies Duroboats to protect wildlife in Africa.

This is a Lake Rescue station funded by the Uganda Conservation Foundation. This will be the fourth unit to be utilised in this manner for anti-poaching and fisheries control.   This station is on Lake George.   The fence is designed to protect the boats overnight as disgruntled poachers are sometimes inclined to vanadalize the boats.

Below Emmanuel a game ranger with the Uganda Wildlife Authority operates the boat, a 16 bench model on Lake George in Western Uganda.


June 08

Below  After ocean container shipment to Bankok Thailand, Duroboats are sent overland via truck and arrive at the Nam Theun Dam project.  Check out the travel photos from the Duroboat Experience pages for pics on the river.

May  08

Export sales

Duroboat has sent 12 boats to support dam construction on the Nam Theun river in Laos.   Duroboat is preparing to ship 40 boats to Russia .


May 08

Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day 2008


Opening day was fun again but a little wetter and cooler.

Seattle Yacht Club 2008 Opening Day Parade

Seattle Yacht Club 2007 Opening Day Parade.


Feb 08

New International Customers sign on with Duroboat.

Duroboat has concluded a distributor agreement with Quickline Ltd of Tver Russia.  Quickline will soon begin selling Duroboats under the brand name Quickline. throughout western Russia.

Duroboat has also been selected by the Nam Theun 2 Hydro Electic project to supply workboats to support a major dam building effort on the Nam Theun River in Laos.


Jan 08

SEATTLE BOAT SHOW  Jan 24 - Feb 2  2008

For the second consecutive year Duroboat will team up Honda Marine to donate a boat / motor package to the Catch For Kids organization.  This years package will include a trailer donated by King Trailers.   Come to the Honda Marine booth and try your hand at the fishing simulator game.  Best scores each day will be entered to win the boat motor package given away at the end of the show. there is likely no better odds for a raffle anywhere.  100% of your raffle ticket goes to provide deserving young kids a chance to experience the thrill of boating and fishing.   The light weight Duroboat and fuel efficient clean Honda four stroke that will be given away is an example of one of the most ecologically sound and economical ways to get out on the water.


Jan 08

Tin Boat Website To Host Duroboat Forum

After a little discussion with the management of we agreed to allow a place on their website for the discussion of Duroboat or Duroboat related issues.  We have long thought of having a forum on our website but just did not want to manage it and having it separate keeps it at arms length. is looking for more members to participate in discussions of all things related to aluminum boats and fishing.  Duroboat enthusiasts are always able to contact us for answers to questions but this offers another route and perhaps some second opinions on issues related to the subject of aluminum boats.


Dec 07

Hey Suquamish!    Hey Poulsbo!

Island View Marine Center Has Duroboat

Jessie Roska and Jerry High have taken over the the old Bay Marine location on Miller Bay Road.  They aim to serve the region with a one stop boating center.  Their first Duroboats have arrived.  Island View will be matching their Duroboats with Honda motors. Stop in to see them.  Antique boat fans will enjoy seeing Jerry's restored 60's era G3 runabouts that are on display in the showroom.     20622 Miller Bay Road      360 598  4900


fall 07

Puget Marina of Olympia WA rejoins Duroboat family

Puget Marina has rejoined the Duroboat network.   George Norton and Charlie his right hand expert are among the best boat/motor guys in the business.  They took a short breather from Duroboat because they were strapped for room and they just had to concentrate on their sales of big boats and repower for which they are well known.   Now with extensive new covered stroage at their site they have room and a little less effort required to keep boats clean.  A little more time means they are ready to resume selling Duroboat. This fills a big gap in our South Sound coverage. Welcome back George and Charlie.

By the way, if you ever want to see one of the best unobstructed, over the water views of Mount Ranier, anywhere, head to Puget Marina.  They are a bit off the beaten track, but so worth the trip.  For directions or info or phots of stock Duroboats   360 491 7388


July 07

Brown's Landing of Scappose OR to sell Duroboat

Now under the new ownership of  Kathy Irvin and Mike Fiske, Brown's Landing has chosen to add Duroboat to their product mix. 

With a fresh look and customer focused attitude Kathy and Mike and their staff felt they wanted to offer their customers a quality alternative to the "me too" riveted boats that are so common in the Northern Oregon market.

You can learn more about Brown's Landing and their products

at   call them at  888.761.3441

Brown's Landing has just received their first load of fresh 2008 Duroboats so if you want to see Duroboat up close and personal get yourself loose and head to Scappose


July 07

Duroboat Tests Torqeedo Electric Motor

Duroboat has operated the  Torqeedo 801 on a few occaissions. It is essentially a 2HP motor.  On June 19 we conducted our first formal measured testing. The Torqeedo was installed on a 10 ft Duroboat 10T yacht tender.  It is a 150 lb boat.  The test was conducted in a light chop on Lake Sammamish in Washington State.  The boat performed well with a variety of drivers.  With a 160 lb driver at the tiller we closely matched the speed of the boat with another boat that was GPS equipped.  The Duroboat and Torqeedo achieved a consistent top speed of  5.3 MPH. That would be 4.57 knots.  Torqeedo has told us that in a test of an extremely efficient kayak hull in calm water the motor and kayak reached 6 knots.    As our 10T is a planing hull and not intended as an displacement hull we were quite pleased to get within 1.5 knots of the kayak.  Watch here for future reults of further tests.  We will be testing battery life and total distance the 10T and Torqeedo can reach but it was clear we will need a healthy block of time to run the Torqeedo to exhaustion.  We can't wait to get our hands on the Torqeedo Cruise,   6HP unit   see video


June 07

Tastin and Racin, Lake Sammamish State Park.

Every year in Issaquah Washington thousands of race and food fans are treated to the sounds and sights of several classes of hydroplane races. Music, a car show and lots of food, crafts and product vendors round out the show.

This past June 9, several Duroboat owners volunteered their boats to be on call to support official travel from the pits to points on the race course.   Alas the volunteers were a bit disappointed that their services were not needed.  Duroboat again sponsored The Bobbers who entertained the  event gowers on Sunday afernoon.  Duroboat displayed a few boats and the Torqeedo electric motor.

see more


June 07

Fuel Prices are taking off again.  Don't let em get you down.

Summer driving season and the world economy continue to push up fuel prices. The cost of energy intensive materials used to build boats has not helped.  Fiberglass and alas aluminum prices are high and it is reflected in the price of boating.   If you are thinking that boating is getting too expensive your right but one way to keep it reasonable is to go for light weight aluminum boats with very efficient low horsepower motors that are easy to tow behind fuel efficient cars.  Sounds like Duroboat.   Look at a couple of real life examples in the Owners Notes section of the Duroboat Experience.   Big speed boats can burn 6 gallons of fuel an hour. or more.  A Duroboat is usually less than 6 gallons a day often going at the same speeds.


May 07

Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day 2007

Our second year in the boat parade saw Duroboat participation increase to 7 boats.  We took the 2nd place award in the Fleet Spirit Category.  Our thanks to The Boobers who added a lot of life to the parade and to Torqeedo electric motors, who provided a demo electric motor for a Duroboat Yacht tender.

see pics.      Seattle Yacht Club 2007 Opening Day Parade.


April 07

First Duroboats Arrive in in Oklahoma

Duroboat is now in the sooner state.  See our dealer page for locations.


March 07

Hey Wisconsin Spring is here.

Do you live in Wisconsin ?   Duroboat is currently making a special offer for residents of the Badger state.  We are putting together a truck load of factory direct boats that will be delivered in the Summer of '07.  The first 10 boats ordered will receive a 10% discount and free delivery to anywhere within 50 Miles of Waupaca Wisconsin.  You can pick up your boat near Waupaca or it can be delivered direct to your home for an additional charge.  We are particularly interested in seeing more Duroboats on the Waupaca, Chain 'o' Lakes.

Motors and trailers are also available.   800 266 0197


New England Boat Dealers

Join our team.   Boaters in New England are very knowledgeable and quickly recognize the superior qualities of a Duroboat skiff.   While we are always looking for quality folks to represent our boats everywhere we are currently putting a special effort toward creating a more efficient distribution network for New England.  if you think Duroboat is right for your clients lets talk.  800 266 0197