Duroboat Other Stuff

We have not decided what all to put here yet.   Any ideas?

Some say A L U M I N U M,  Some say A L U M I N I U M, apparently here at Duroboat we just can't keep it straight.

Our first other entry  was inspired by Barry a reader and  proud owner of a 12 ft Duroboat.  Barry caught a rather major discrepency in our webite.  We have used the British spelling Aluminium on every page.   Since we do have an historical connection to Australia, we thought, maybe we have always done that and never noticed.  A check of our old website and other market material confirmed, no, that is not the case. We have just recently switched for no apparent reason.  Just a mistake.  Anyway, as this is being writtten our mast head slogan still has the British spelling Aluminium.  It may change at any time and you will see the much shorter, more efficient  American, aluminum.  Anyway, this led us to ask the question Why the difference?   Mr Michael Quinion  helps us out on that score.    Click on this entry from his World Wide Words to get the answer.   A little side note.  In the English speaking world, other than the US, Aluminium is often simply just Ali.