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Did you follow the links about the Great Loop Adventure from our Home page?  Katie and Elizabeth now have a blog that recaptures muchof the trip but also reports on a variety of things that would interest folks who travel by boat.  see


An on line friend of our Doug Pohl has his boat the Grey Goose  on the Loop as this is being written in Late October 09. Would you like to cruise aboard the GREY GOOSE?   They are looking for cruisers to come abourd for the completeion of the Loop and onward to Oregon via the Panama Canal.  If you are interested in taking a portion of the trip on the Grey Goose contact Doug via his webpage.  Word is after the return to Oregon the Grey Goose may tackle the Arctic via the Northwest Passage.

Do you want to keep up with what is going on in Iraq from a soldiers perspective. has many intersting stories.  

One of the stories features a Duroboat on patrol.  Read it here.

New to Fishing or Boating?  There is tons of good info at

It is a website developed by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, a government supported organization.      You paid for it.      So use it.   

Explore all they have to offer. This might be a good addition to your favorites list because there is more here than you will see in one visit.  Under  the boating page you can even get a free magazine subscription.

If this is not enough for you you can learn more about the RBFF at their site

Are you a new aluminum boat buff or an old pro.  Talk about everything aluminum boat oriented at   At this site there is a Duroboat forum


If you read our blog section you will know that we love lakes, summer cottages and all of those resorty feelings that go with boatiing.  We recently became aware that one site that covers all matters related to cottage life chose to mention Duroboat.  Those of you who have, lake homes, cottages or summer homes or those of you who would like to, or those of you who remember that summer cottage you visited as a kid will all find something at  The Cottage Chronicles.     If for some reason a Duroboat does not work for you or you need more than one boat there are plenty of choices for fine boats listed at this site.  This is the link to the United Marine Manufacturing Association.  We are proud to be a member of this association. You may not be aware that many famous once independent boat brands are now a part of large marine conglomerates.  The builders listed at the UMMA site are independednt companies that are not a part of the consolidation of brands into large marine conglomerates.  These builders are dedicated to providing boating choices. The builders who are members of the UMMA are supported by a group of marine suppliers associated through the UMSA.   Duroboat is grateful for all of their support and their prodcuts.

If you value independent entreprenurial spirit in boating you may want to support these builders and their suppliers.  Need to go trippin in your Duroboat. Head for Flathead Lake and Polson Montana. Polson features one of the most interesting and entertaining roadside attractions in the country.  The Miracle of America Museum is a collection of American industrial and cosumer stuff that is eclectic and truely exceptional. Last time I visited it only cost $1 to get in and it was called the Smithsonian of the West.  My guess is they were told to change the name and I imagine it costs more now. You could spend hours there. Anyway I just happened across their website and decided to share it with you.   For those of you who are interested in the subject of galvanic corrosion in a marine environment we suggest you read this web site.  It is one of the most informative on the subject.  After a hard day of fishing when you have washed the smell of fish from your hands you may want to enjoy a meal made from whatever sea denizons you have fooled into your Duroboat.  If you wish to compliment the catch with a little wine but need a clue as to what works best try out Atlanta Wine School to get some ideas. Sign up for thier newsletter.  They are good folks.   Sam Craft is a good guy who has the little OLe Shakey Marina down in Mississippi.  Duroboat became aware of Sam when he bought a couple of 'Dinks" as he calls them to replace some boats lost to Katrina.   Look at Sam's battle reenactment's pages. Good history, great  nautical pics. In early 2009 sam got his restaurant, Rachel's Widow's Walk open at the Marina. Since then several members of the Duroboat family but not me have had a chance to visit. In February of 2010 my wife and I finally made it to Rachel's.  It is better than I imagined.  Great fun.  There are paid bands most weekends but Sam, his crew and locals often just pick up their instruments and play into the night.   Coast Guardsmen and anyone interested in restored ships or restored military craft will like this one.   This website is dedicated to the project to restore the 83 ft Wheeler Coast Guard Cutter  CG-83527.  In appreciation for all the work our Coast guard folks have done to protect our country  and make our maritime industries and recreational boating safer,

Duroboat has donated a boat (upside down on deck)  to be used as the tender aboard the CG83527.  We get a real kick from seeing our boat on the deck of such a proudly restored ship.   Our thanks to Coasties past, present and future. 

The CG83527 sometimes participates in the Armed Forces Day Weekend at the Armory Building at Seattle's Lake Union and other events.   Do you know someone who served in World War II,  Maybe they are remembered here.  If not maybe they should be.  You can add them.   possibly the first rock band ever to dedicate themselves to fishing.  Clearly they are leaders in this emerging musical genre.   Want to put an outboard pump on your boat.  These folks can help.

If you like Native American arts and crafts you might want to look at    and   We met Jib Turner  of Manitoulin Island ( Lake Huron) , Ontario via  email when he took delivery of one of our boats and then wrote us a series of intersting e mails.   Jib's is the first website  the second belongs to his brother Grant who Jib says is a bonafide expert on North American Native Art.  On the Turners website you can find a very interesting narrative about Manitoulin Isaland.  Amazingly while on their 2009 Great Loop trip Duroboater's Katie and Elizabeth actually had an un planned meeting with Jib and he helped them secure their boat and get on their way by land to a wedding in Green Bay. Jib had their boat safe until they returned.

Allice in Duroland (below) and her friend Don Milllus fish South Carolina waters.

Alice gudes the fishing and acts as a muse to Don. Don is a writer, poet and sportsman.  In his spare time he is a college Professor of English at Coastal Carolina University. That is the home of the 2004 Intercollegiate fishing Champions.  He writes on a range of topics that includes fishing, college and other sports, things nautical and things American.  Don's articles often will include his conversations with Alice and will once in awhile even mention  his Duroboat.  Don's work will appear in the Horry Independent, in many other prestigious publications and at the website  Tyndale's Angle .