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Duroboats aren't your typical Beach Boys.   They get off the beach and into  the big stuff.       But, like the Beach Boys they do "get around".  Take a little tour with us.


This is from the showroom at Kuwait Development and Trading Company.

We like to call this one Boys And Their Toys, Arabian Style.  Many of the boats we send to Kuwait are modified as fishing platforms.  We make special pole holding corners so they can suspend large expanses of tent like fabric.   With the added shade they can fish in the blazing sun of the Gulf region.

Hamrin Lake, Iraq

A patrol of Soldiers from 2nd Squadron, 9th Cavalry, 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Task Force Lightning search the Hamrin Lake for signs of an insurgents presence on the waterway     Photo: Sgt. Zach Mott, 3rd HBCT, 4ID PAO

More on this story at this link.


From the Mid east we head to Africa.  This 16 is one of the first boats assembled and tested by Work Boats (U) Ltd of Kampala, Uganda. That isn't just any lake.  It is Lake Victoria the second largest freshwater lake in the world.  Home to 200 pound Nile Perch.  Lake Victoria is also the headwaters of the Nile River.  From Lake Victoria the Nile travels North 6695km (4184 miles) across Africa to the Pyramids and the Mediterranean Sea.  Who will be the first to take their Duroboat on that little cruise?


Niels from Holland plays in his 12D.  He has a neet little home made transom.


First pics received in 2009  came from the Bahamas.  Nice little warming teaser for us Seattle area folks.  Eric wrote to tell us his Duroboat had been stolen.  Good news is he got it back albeit minus a motor and few parts.  Next two pictures are from Cherokee Sound,  Great Abaco Island

PS Eric also said it is possible to visit his little paradise because he has a neat rental house.

Link above tells about his place.    Maybe someday. 


Our friend Nasser from Kuwait bought this boat from KDTC in Kuwait.  It is a 16 with a bench mount console and full bow rail.  He sent several pictures but this one was a little different because of the registration numbers which will look a little exotic to most US fishermen.  Nasser is also using a King Salt water trailer one of the favorites among Seattle area duroboaters.


Photo above is a 12D rigged  for fishing,  sent in By Mik from the Netherlands.


Here are some work boats on the Nam Theun River in Laos.   The boats are there in support of the Nam Theun 2 dam project.


Lets go to Japan.  This Duroboat has been on our web site for several years.   It shows a Duroboat used in rescue service.  We think that speaks well for the trust put in Duroboat.



From the exotic to the really cool.  Make that cold.   Duroboat had a chance to go North to Alaska with the US Geological Survey team  up in Barrow, Alaska.  They were doing important work monitoring mercury levels in the arctic.  The guys were kind enough to send us these pics.  We should all appreciate the work they do.  Why did they spec a Duroboat for such tough duty?  C'mon these are smart guys, real life scientists.

Hauling the boat over ice to open water ( leeds)  on a custom sled.

In the water with one eye out for polar bears.  Note the hot 40HP Evinrude ETEC on the transom.


Closer to home a 16 and 14 race across Eliot Bay with the Beautiful Seattle skyline in the background. 


Back south again.  This older style Duroboat 12 was spotted down in sunny Mazatlan Mexico.


Again to Africa.   Here we have another test day.  This time it is Ali boats of Maun Botswana. They are testing their first Duroboats.   Aliboats also builds larger aluminum welded boats, including some great customs.   One built for the Red Cross was recently featured in Boat builders magazine.


The 3 Duroboats below are a 16 and 14 on the trailer and a sunny yellow 12 up top.  They are in Waupaca, Wisconsin, traveling past the Indian Crossing Casino which is actually a dance hall not a casino. It sits at the center of a beautiful chain of 22 Lakes sometimes called the Kilarney's of America.  Still echoing through the cavernous Casino are the sounds of some of the greatest Swing Bands and Rock groups of the 20th Century.


In Beautiful Washington State, salty ole Captain Mike in a 10 ft Duroboat passes the Totem Pole to enter Port Ludlow harbor. .


Remember the 3 Duroboats above?  Before they got to Wisconsin they had a close encounter of the touristy kind in Wyoming.  Devils Tower is shown in the background.  After this stop the boats cruised through nearby Sturgis SD to rub elbows with the Harleys but alas no pictures of that.


Duroboats at a  boat show in Dubai UAE.  If you don't know much about Dubai, look it up on the web.  It may be the grow ingest place on the planet.   Boat enthusiasts will be fascinated by the Arabian Dhows that ply the waters of the Orient.  The very seaworthy dhows can usually be seen in photos of Dubai Creek.


A great Mount Rainier and family fun photo from the early days of Duroboat .


Two boats trekking overland toward Zambezi river in Namibia, Africa


The Hot Info section ( see Home Page) dated August 08  tells about a Lake George, Uganda wildlife protection installation that uses Duroboats. Below is the same boat trekking toward Lake George.  A close look shows they have attached some EZ Launch wheels.


A loyal Duroboat owner sent us this photo of his 14 anchored on beautiful Lake Champlain in Vermont.

We are waiting for a photo that features a Duroboat along with Champ the Lake Champlain sea serpent.   We will offer a free Duroboat cap to the first Duroboat/ Champ photo that arrives.  ( update) First Champ photo is is here.  Having never seen Champ ourselves we are not sure if we have been hoodwinked or not.



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