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From the Shores of Beautiful Lake Cavanaugh

Young folks getting a chance at the helm.   All in PFDs.  Good job gang!

Katy, Jamie, Connor, Kyle and Megan

Kyle and Dad, Dale.

"Faster dad, your slackin off. We can't ski till you get in shape"     

 Editor's note:  You can buy a Duroboat from Dale at Cap Sante Marine in Anacortes WA.


Delivery day on Multnomah Channel, Columbia River.


Clint and Lynn and a new 15, Fisherman's Bay, Lopez Island, WA


One of many Duroboats used to support rowing clubs.


Cody at the Navy's Jim Creek recreation lake, Marysville WA


Our latest design, soft top Cuddy Cabin.


Jonathan's friends in Bad Dog on a short cruise away from Dream Lover the mother ship.


Future Duroboater examines a 10D on Camano Island, Washington.

Hybrid  power, use the motor or pull it like a Radio Flyer.


Chris and Wendy and a friend cruising Seattle's Lake Washington.


Monty and Mrs B with their new 10D car topper.


Above and Below a day of cruising in a traditional older yellow Duroboat.  Lake Sammamish, WA


10D with new In-boat Theater Option. Not yet Coast guard approved.


Gibble Boys of Australia with Elephant Fish. Not actually in a Duroboat but in an Australian boat that used the durojoint.  Their boat is below.


Mathews Boat hanging out on the Alabama Gulf


Matched set, red pick-up and red 12D


Phelan gets a new Duroboat up on Lake Huron. Phelan gets our cutest fisherman award.


Surf Launch into the Sea of Cortez


We can't afford spokes models so we just cajole folks into posing near our boat.  Dawn was all decked out and wading near the flooded Ole Shakey Marina. We asked her to pose near this custom pink 12 footer.   We thought they made an elegant couple.


Dave, cruising the Montlake cut between Seattles lake Washington and Portage Bay.   Opening Day  2006.


Dave again in his hot rod 14.    Dave, this is a warning don't stand up in the boat.   Dave, one of Duroboats most loyal friends and roughest boat tester just ordered a 16 footer for spring delivery 2008.


The kind of camper top we like to see on the road.


The Stiller's bright yellow Duroboat in the Seattle '06 opening day parade.  They paraded again in 07. Notice the bright orange PFDs.  This boat was as safe as they come as the Stiller's are active in the USCG Auxiliary.

From Seattle's Portage bay, another opening Day photo. 3 Duroboats a 15, 14 and 16 front to back, watching the crew races while waiting their turn to parade through the Montlake Cut.


Another spring in Barrow.  Brrrrrrrr


Tubing in a 10T on the Pascagoula River


Another 10T zips along.  Mike at the tiller.  Elizabeth demonstrates the princess wave.

Resting on the Beach.  Looks like a 12 footer. Lots of waterfront homeowners keep a Duroboat on hand as a second boat,  kids boat, crab catcher  or just general "messing about in boats"   boat.


Another beach boat spotted on the shores of Lake Sammamish.  This one is a 14LW with beach wheels.


Summer scene from Pearl Lake, near Red Granite, Wisconsin.  This boat belongs to the family of WIsconsin State Trooper, Chris.  We are told when Chris is off duty he is easy to get along with and knows where the best Pizza in Red Granite can be found. 


Remember Clint and Lynn's 15 shown above.  This was the 14 they had before the 15.  This picture was taken in the San Juan Islands.  If you go back to the travel photos you will see an almost identical photo from Lake Champlain.  We thought that unusual or maybe we are just unusual.  You be the judge.


A Duroboat in-auspiciously stored on a rooftop near Issaquah Washington.

It lasted about two weeks until the Issaquah city fathers decided it violated the local sign ordinance.    You can't fight city hall.  It is now stored on a visible corner in an unnamed Washington city.


Duroboat at a boat show and customer picnic at Island's Marine Center on   Fisherman's Bay, Lopez Island Washington.  Note the flag at half staff.  Photo was taken shortly after the announcement that President Reagan had passed away.



Elizabeth a Future Duroboat Sales Executive at Tacoma Boat Show


Katie a current Duroboat Sales Executive in her office.

just for the record they both hate these photos.  But, their parents love the photos so they stay.


No that's not the Purple Pike of Peoria.  That's Katie playing cowbell on a stage prop during a Bobbers practice at the Duroboat Factory.


Evenings last cast.