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Resort, Rentals and Work Boats

Lets take a look at some Duroboats that earn their keep.  Some big and small resorts use Duroboats for the fun and safety of their guests.   Local and state governments have integrated Duroboat into their rental and recreation programs.   The US military rec. programs at several bases have chosen Duroboat.   As a light working skiff Duroboat is trusted by folks who make a living on or near the water.  Resort owners, rec program managers, parks departments, work boat fleet managers, ferry operators,  relief or rescue agencies give us a call.   We can containerize your boats for economical delivery anywhere in the world.



US Geological Survey team at work testing the waters of the Bill Williams River in Arizona.



Weese family, commercial fishing, annual salmon run Bristol AK.


Canadian Camp Boat


Duroboats illustrate the small boat traditions of North America's great north woods.  Rugged boats for great fishing experience in the Northern Wilderness.   Sometimes it takes a little effort to get the boats where they gotta go.



California's Contra Costa County currently operates these 29 Duroboats on the Los Vasqueros reservoir.  The reservoir does not allow gas motors or painted boats.  So, these Duroboats were left unpainted and modified to accept electric outboards. The boats include extra provisions for batteries and electric wires.


One of our favorite work boats pics was this shot from the Hiram Chittendon Locks in Seattle.  At the locks  there is a fish ladder.  Here, one of the workers and her Duroboat are doing what they do to make sure the Salmon make it through to Lake Washington and the rivers and streams east of Seattle. If you like boats, fish and trees the Seattle locks are a must see attraction.  In addition to the locks and fish ladder the park includes an outstanding arboretum with interesting trees and plants.


Big boat with a little boat on top.  Note the second Duroboat mostly hidden on the starboard side.   Classic ships big and small working together.


Two Tough boats.


From the rough and tough to the gentile.  This group of boats was headed to Lakedale resort.  A very classy little resort built on a string of small lakes in the center of San Juan Island.  Take a tour to Washington State's San Juan Archipelago. After a ferry ride to the city of Friday Harbor it is a short drive to Lakedale Resort.  There you can enjoy some real tranquility and maybe row one of these Duroboats for yourself.


The 12S Duroboats along the dock ( we count 15) are ready to rent. Our records can't tell us where this is.  Anyone?


At Roche Harbor,  another famous Port O Call  on San Juan Island.


Northwest oystermen and their Duroboat  working hard.

One of several military bases using Duroboat.  

Here are several newly delivered Duroboats ready to fish for the next resort guests.

A stack of gorgeous red Duroboats sporting the custom graphics of a great Alaskan fishing resort.