Paint and Your Duroboat

Duroboat puts on a tough paint but lets face it Aluminum boats are made to take a beating and sometimes paint gets the worst of it. We are happy so many of our customers find their boat is still in such good condition that a facelift is warranted. For those of you out there who want to add a little new paint to an old hull these tips may prove useful.

A variety of different paint and preparation methods have been used on new Duroboats over the years. The colors have varied slightly. Sun and weather may have changed the color of your boat over time.

Duroboats are currently cleaned, etched and primed before painting. They are then painted with a high quality 2 part Urethane paint.

Touching up a Duroboat

Duroboat is able to sell you small jars of touch up paint. If you have larger areas to paint you will want to purchase this from a marine store in quart containers.

Pettit Easy-Poxy is not what we use for new boats but their colors match pretty well. Pettit colors are Sunflower yellow, Electric Blue, Blue Green (our teal) and Bright Red. They are the closest match to most Duroboats but not all. Use Brush thinner if you are repainting larger areas.

Repainting a Duroboat

A customer or dealer can repaint a Duroboat. Use the Pettit Easy-Poxy paints above and apply with a brush thinner. Two to three quarts should be enough. If you are careful you can get a good serviceable paint job. You will have to decide how much perfection you want in the job. Whether or not you loosen bolts, do a lot of scraping and sanding or do detailed masking is up to you.

Newer Duroboats are bolted with exposed nuts to make repair easier. Don't remove too many at once. Seats may be hard to get back in once removed. You may want to work on one side of the boat at a time. Remove the bolt but hold the seats in place with throw away bolts inserted in the holes inside to out. Then you can paint the area normally covered by the bolt head but easily get the seats back in when you are ready.

New decals, stainless bolts and nuts as well as neoprene washers can be purchased from Duroboat or Duroboat dealers.


Get a little crazy.                                                                                             

See the various custom Duroboats elsewhere on this web site. If you are repainting a new or  older Duroboat you may want to experiment with custom colors or graphics.    We would be happy to show off your work on the web site if you decide something special is for you.