Boat Colors

Duroboats come in four standard colors. High quality urethane paint and freedom of color choice distinguish Duroboats from other aluminum boats. Color choice alone puts Duroboat in a class by itself. The Duroboat 10 is standard in Blue. All other Duroboats are available in Blue, Teal, Red and Yellow.

Traditional Duroboat Yellow

For years Duroboats were only painted in Yellow. Long time Duroboat owners often insist on Yellow for their second and third Duroboats. Some thoughts we have heard... "Our kids grew up in our Duroboat." "We were comforted that we could see that yellow boat anywhere on our lake." "At the launch they call me the guy with the yellow boat, I kind of like that."
Duroboat Blue

A deep blue that is both nautical and practical. It is our most frequently chosen color. "Your eyes are as deep and blue as the freeboard on my Duroboat" is one of the nicest compliments a fisherman can give his gal.
Duroboat Teal

A modern color with an old time North Country warmth.
Duroboat Red

A real red. If your personality can only be expressed in crimson this color is for you. Add a Dalmatian and you could have a Fireboat.

Duroboat Options
Other colors including duck brown or green or special finishes can be arranged through the factory or your dealer.

Yacht white or finishes to match your yacht are possible. What about matching your Truck, SUV or even your economy car?

Most interesting color to date, Easter Egg Purple. The story we heard was. He said I want a Duroboat. She said OK but I get to pick the color. Any negotiation that ends in the delivery of a Duroboat is a success.