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Duroboat.com has grown.  It is sometimes hard to find what you want.  This page will tell you what to expect and at the end of this page where to find what you are looking for.

There are bits of information throughout the website.  See it all !


At Duroboat.com you will learn about our boats and more.

Current and prospective Duroboat owners can deepen their knowledge about Duroboat and boating in general.

Prospective dealers can get a sense of our boat and feeling for the community of users they can expect to serve.  

The job of this web site is not to sell boats. That job belongs to our dealers.

Through our site you can find the dealer nearest to you.  They are on 5 continents now. Please consult them when you are ready to make your boat purchase.

Expect our website to show you the basics, boat models and specs for sure, but also useful information and creative ideas on how to get the most from your Duroboat.

After you have read the Why Duroboat message on the "Design Features" page and understand the benefits of  Durojoint construction,  spend some time exploring the Duroboat Experience.   This part of the site is dedicated to serving the community of Duroboat users.   We also showcase their diversity, intelligence and creativity.   We throw in a few extra items just to keep you, and us, interested.   Maybe we can help satisfy your urge to just do a little more with your boat.

At the “Duroboat Experience” you will pick up some of the history of Duroboat, find an archive of useful articles and see lots of photos of Duroboats in use by our customers. There are some other surprises. Let your curser do some exploring.

Stay in touch. We will periodically add material to keep you coming back.

Duroboat is a small company with a strong following in our previous regional market which is Seattle, Puget Sound and the Great Northwestern US and Canada.   We are fortunate to have great dealers in a few other spots in North America.   From our new location in Tennessee we plan to better serve the large US and Candian Populations of Eastern North America. We are proud to have dealers in remote and exotic lands overseas.

The world is, however, a big place and there are places where the current network of Duroboat dealers does not reach. We are working to fill those gaps and are always looking for dealers and distributors who want to bring their customers quality boats and service. One of the missions of this website is to provide information to those of you who may be a significant distance from a current Duroboat Dealer.

There are over 10,000 Duroboats in service worldwide. Duroboats have been to the artic and at the equator. Duroboats have been sold on every continent except Antarctica.   We will work on that.   Many island nations have been made even more beautiful by the arrival of Duroboats. This rugged little boating machine does get around.   We have shipped single boats as far as Borneo.   

The US military, many resorts and a variety of commercial and government users have chosen Duroboat for some tough duty.

If you are in a place where a future Duroboat dealer has not yet received his first load of boats, don’t despair. Call us at the factory 731 986 2524 and if there is a creative way for us to get a boat to you will give it a try.

We can deliver a Duroboat to most parts of the US without breaking the bank. 

Enjoy  the website.    Suggestions as to how to make this a better website are welcome.  We may not implement them all but are glad to have your input.

Remember we like to hear your tales and see your photos.

Where in the website is it?  The list below may help you locate something you need or saw once and cannot find again.


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              Gear        Some items not part of a basic Duroboat, apparel

              Design Feature    what makes the boat different,  No Rivets, or Welds.

              Yacht tenders        Out 10T and other tenders, photos

              New Boat Ideas    Info on our prototype river boat

              International      Our shipping method and some photos, factory in a box concept


              Duroboat experience   Opens to 8 onward sections listed at the top


                                          5 sections with photos and comments hundreds of pics.


                                          Fun stuff quizzes, kids stuff


                                          Helpful articles


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                            Other Stuff

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                            Owners’ Notes

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