suggested by Don Millus

Draining the 14-foot Duroboat to avoid ice and mosquitoes etc:   Take an old fuel line--everyone has at least one or two in the shed.   Cut six inches above the bulb--towards the tank--and two feet or so below on the motor side.   Insert short end thru drain hole into standing water (from hosing after fishing) in boat and start squeezing 'til water flows.  Since water seeks its own level the water heads for China and the Duroboat drains most of the standing water.  Short end will have to be weighted down with some other piece of junk from your shed, but this beats pumping out by hand and the owner can be proud of his recycling, knowledge of physics, and craftsmanship! Your wife's old sponges from the kitchen can get the boat bone dry.   Your whole website is very attractive, but some of those fish make my rara piscis striper look puny.   Editors note:  We suspect this tip realy came from Alice and Don is just taking credit.